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Patent translations

We are glad to inform that for over 6 months we have been cooperating with Patent Law Firm REJMAN s.c. from Wrocław, Poland. We translate for them complicated patent applications regarding such fields as biotechnology, chemistry, medicine, mechanics and electronics.


Whispered interpreting at a conference organised by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK)

On 28-19 March 2017 BTD Services provided interpreting service during a conference in Wrocław organised by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK). The conference was interpreted into English for foreign visitors.


Cooperation with CMC KUHNKE GmbH

Recently our quality services have been appreciated by CMC KUHNKE GmbH - German headquaters of an American company specializing in container manufacturing quality control. CMC KUHNKE has been remaining on the leading edge since 1971. We provide them with technical translations from English and German into all the European languages.


Translation of bridge construction project in Norway

We have just finished a big project - translation of bridge construction documentation from Norwegian into Polish (450 standard pages).


Cooperation with MARUBOSHI Central & Eastern Europe Sp. z o.o.

We are glad to inform, that since July 2016 we have been closely cooperating with a branch of the Japanese company Maruboshi Co., Ltd., which specializes in the translation and localization of technical documentation. The Parent company, Maruboshi Co. Ltd., was founded on July 28, 1954 in Tokyo. For its european branch we deliver advanced DTP projects.


Translation into 6 languages

For our customer - a leading producer of doors in the Polish market, DRE Sp. z o.o., we have completed translation of manuals and gurantees into 6 languages. The materials have been translated into English, German, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Hungarian.


Book typesetting and cover design

We are happy to inform we have just completed full typesetting (including cover design) of a book by Henryk Monkiewicz. The guide "Honeys, herbals and vegetables, so live healthier with the nature" will be published soon and is directed to all the enthusiasts of healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. We highly recommend it!


Desktop publishing of medicine labels and leaflets

We've just finished a project (performed for our Warsaw customer) consisting in desktop publishing of medicine labels and leaflets


New native speakers

During the last few weeks our team has been enlarged by several new native speakers, who now supervise the quality of our translations into such foreign languages as: English (both GB and USA), German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian.


6th birthday!

It's been six years now! In November 2009 we started providing services to our customers and this cooperation has been lasting til now. On that occassion we wish to thank all our clients and partners. Thanks to you we can develop and everyday both improve the quality of our services and extend their range. We thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us so far and please, stay with us, because it's worth it!

Dariusz Mucha / BTD Services


Persian language

We are glad to inform that our team has been enriched by a translator and native speaker of the Persian language.


Completed translation of medical book

We have just completed translation of the 2nd edition of Uwe Groeber's book entitled "Medicines and micronutrients", provided for our customer, Medical and Pharmaceutical Publisher MEDPHARM Polska, registered in Wrocław.


Turkish translations and interpretations

From now on we offer also Turkish translations and interpretations. Upon request you can order proofreading by a Turkish native speaker. Welcome!


Medical translations

We are proud to inform that a few experienced medical translators with relevant education have joined our team. They are also our consultants as referred to medicine and pharmaceutics, guranteeing the highest level of our translations even for the most difficult documents and publications.


Company blog

Today we launched our company blog where, apart from information complementary to our website, we will publish interesting articles concerning the industry. Have an enjoyable read!



We are happy to inform you that as of today Biuro Tłumaczeń i Doradztwa BTD changed its name into BTD Services which naturally continues the operation of its predecessor. Our website address also changed - as of today go to where you can consult our new offer which includes DTP and more.

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