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1. The quote is based on a standard page of 1,800 characters with spaces (in target text) for non-certified translation and 1,125 characters with spaces for certified translation. In the case of certified translation, each new standard page is calculated as a whole. In the case of non-certified translation, the pages are rounded to a half of the page.

2. In terms of text difficulty, the following classification applies: general texts, specialized texts (including marketing and advertising), and extremely difficult specialized texts. Specialized texts and extremely difficult specialized texts are charged a little extra. Extra charges also apply if the text is to be translated for publication or proofread by a (non-Polish) native speaker.

3. Translation assignments are classified as: standard (6 pages/day), urgent (6?-10 pages/day), and express (+10 pages/day). The completion period excludes the day of order placement, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Urgent and express translation assignments are charged extra (except long-term cooperation).

4. Verification of translated texts provided by the client is charged at 50% of the rate for a given type of translation.

5. Special terms of service and payment are negotiated with the client prior to order placement. Payment is due based on the VAT invoice issued by BTD.

6. The quote for each assignment is prepared individually. Attractive discounts are available for large and long-term projects!

7. Each BTD client undertakes to refrain from contacting BTC translators working on the client’s projects without BTD’s acknowledgment for 12 months after the date of last assignment.

8. In the case of translation assignments, the client has the right to cancel their order at any time. However, the client is obliged to pay for the part of translation the translator has completed until order cancelation at a rate specified for a given type of translation.

9. The client has the right to file a complaint concerning a service within seven days after its completion. The complaint must be in writing and properly substantiated. If the complaint is deemed justified, BTD shall complete a free-of-charge verification of the translated assignment or – as agreed with the client – offer the client a discount at an amount equivalent to the extent of errors found in the assignment.

10. The client agrees to let BTD use their trademark for marketing purposes, unless other agreements stipulate otherwise.

11. By placing an order, the client accepts the provisions of these Terms of Service.

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